Crypto Trading Signals – Definition ¿How Crypto Trading Signals work? and what are the best!

What are Crypto signals?

The signals for the trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc… They are trade ideas or trade suggestions to buy or sell a particular currency at a certain price and time.

Given the wide variety of cryptocurrencies that have emerged and how fast this new market moves if you are not a person who is professionally engaged in this type of investment or have 2 or 3 hours a day to analyze what is happening in the ecosystem of the Criptos , it’s probably going to be very difficult to keep up with your investments in Bitcoin or any other Criptocurrencies.

This is one of the main reasons why Cryptocurrencies professional´s alert and signal services have emerged.

These signs or notices are generated manually by a professional operator, a team or by algorithms that are constantly analyzing the market and that send the signals to the client (US) in the moments where there are important indications of any change in the Market, such as increases in volume in some currency, important news, technical analyses, etc.

The most common method by which we can receive these signals is through messaging or chat applications (telegram or WHATSAPP), these systems are used as it is the fastest way to receive alerts and on many occasions time will be a crucial factor for the success of the signal.

Another option that offers some of the best services of signals, like Mininghamster, is to send these notices of purchase or sale directly to an automatic bot of trading with what the operations are executed if it is necessary of form Automatic and Immediate.

How does a criptocurrencies signal work?

A basic signal from Cryptocurrencies, let’s put the example of Bitcoin. I would tell you in advance at what price you should buy or sell Bitcoin.

In general, trading signals also consist of a profit-making and a protective stop-loss.

That is to say a signal could be something like this: buy BTC a €4,560> -Take Profit: €4,890/Stop Loss: 4,480

Although there are groups of free crypto trading signals, you should be careful and do a good analysis of the quality of these, as there are many groups that take advantage of sending their own signals. For example operating before offering the signal, giving signals according to their interests and not the technical analysis of the market…

If you want something more reliable, you must pay a subscription fee to a professional cryptographic signal service provider that normally show the historical results of their already past signals. There are monthly subscription plans, quarterly subscription plans, and even annual subscription plans.

That cryptographic signal provider will send you the commercial sign directly to your email, smartphone, through an API to be executed by your automatic trading robots, or through any other faster media.

Cryptocurrencies best trading services

Let’s go to what many have come to look for…

What are the most reliable signal services and what better results can you give when you try to grow your investment?

The first and most prominent at the moment:

Mininghamster -the most successful crypto signal service right now (review)

This service is in charge of monitoring all the criptos, calculating the possibility of gain and when a signal appears it informs you directly via Telegram. You can also include the signals in your operations bot for automatic trading.

Mininhamster analyzes a huge amount of criptos in different exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, POLONIEX, etc and offers signals through Telegram or API (for bots) with which you will be able to increase your investment value in Bitcoins or FIAT money (dollars, euros…).

The advantage of Mininghamster is that it works in conjunction with the best robots on the market with which it can be a fully automatic tool to grow your investment.


Conclusion on crypto trading signals: Should I use them? Are they reliable?

There are actually two types of cryptocurrencies investors.

The first type of investor of Crypto is the one who wants to devote the time and the effort necessary to learn by himself the art of operating.

The second type of Bitcoin investor and other Cryptos are those who want to earn money in the criptocurrency market without too much effort or in a more passive way.

If you are in the second category, then you should try to take advantage of this type of cryptographic signal services to achieve your goals. Invest as little time as possible but be aware of important market movements and receive alerts from experts who spend many more hours on technical analysis of the market.

Learning to operate with criptocurrency is not an easy task and something that can be done overnight, and that’s where a tardy signal provider comes to the rescue.

When you follow a signal service, you basically transfer responsibility to someone else. In this situation, it’s very easy to blame someone else when the strategy doesn’t work.

Always remember that to operate successfully in the Criptomonedas market, you need to take some responsibility.

You need to understand the reasons behind the commercial signal. You need to make sure that the signals you follow are professional. In addition these services can also be used as a simple support to your own market analysis and graphics of cryptographic operations, as a way to gain more confidence in the operation that performs and better manage your exposure to the market and risk.

Should I subscribe to the cryptographic trade signals?

It depends on each one, never forget to do your own research and decide for yourself whether this is a good or bad idea.

If you want to leave the whole process of decision making in the hands of a professional and you don’t have enough time or experience to analyze the market and come up with your own business ideas, trust others may be a good idea.


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